About Us

Catherine Giblin comes from a secondary teaching background, and is a qualified Montessori teacher. She first opened doors in 1997 in Churchtown. Offering high quality child-led care, we expanded to caring for 40 children, with a team of eight wonderful girls.

In 2000, Catherine decided to open another centre in her own area, Rathfarnham, which has been going from strength to strength ever since. In 2008, Catherine's daughter Anna joined the team; she has a background in Psychology and an MA in Early Childhood Studies. Anna manages the Churchtown centre, while Catherine manages the Rathfarnham centre.

What is unique about our service is the small group sizes in each centre; this means we have the time and capacity to really get to know your child. We offer children the best level of care, education at their own pace, and opportunity to play and discover. We can also maintain a homely setting where everybody knows each other's names, children make friends for life and are given the space to develop into happy, confident and independent people.